About Us

Pleasurenory® was created by Karina, a lady known for her imagination when it came to telling naughty stories!! For many years she travelled for business, staying in hotels often alone and as a way of passing the time, began writing erotic fantasies around the guests as they came and went!

This coupled with the many stories she overheard, led to the creation of this site with the aim of bringing a touch of fantasy within the comfort of your own home,making it a night worth remembering!!

Pleasurenory┬« aims to create stories long enough to create the desired effect but short enough to retain interest and can be printed at the touch of a button so you have your story in seconds! With a number of situations to choose from, we're sure there's something to suit.

And are any of these stories from experience? That you'll never know.........

What's your story, Pleasurenory®!!